Why I Don’t Like Goal Setting

Why I Don't Like Goal Setting

You may be quite right in thinking that goal setting is an important factor in working with a coach or within a business. People like to set goals because goal setting is seen as the active bridge to success, achievement and to having what you want. I’ve worked with SMART goals, short-term goals, long-term goals, measureable goals and 3-day goals. But here’s why I don’t like goal setting.

I used to be a person who set a lot of goals, especially measurable goals in business. However, over the years I’ve come to understand just how rigid and limiting goals can be. In my viewpoint when you set goals, what you’re actually doing is setting limitations as goals tend to be based on what you believe to be possible. Goals are typically created by how you see the world – often through your own set of current circumstances such as time, money, education, background and there is very little room for expansion.

Dreams on the other hand open you up to possibility. You step beyond your current circumstances to what you truly want. Dreams are those things that you’ve imagined and invested time in. Dreams are a step into the unknown and they’re a connection to what you love. Dreams reflect who you are and what you want. It’s very rare that I hear someone in their own business or someone working within a business talking about dreams and what they want. Yet why should this be?

Of course I may be just talking semantics here, as goals may mean something different to you. Perhaps you have a dream or a vision of what you want, but you view goals as the process to get you there, rather than as the end result. In this article, my meaning of a goal is one of something you want to create and achieve, so it’s an end result, a vision or a dream, rather than the action steps.

Dreams Come From the Heart – Goals Come From the Head

Anita Moorjani, author of Dying to Be Me, believes in her experience that goals come from the head, whereas dreams come from the heart. I agree. When I imagine a goal I feel the weight of it. It feels rigid and set in stone. Goals feel cold and mechanical and very ‘business’ like and are based on what I know in my world. Yet when I step into, or imagine a dream, I feel uplifted, inspired and alive. A dream is a very deep connection to who I am and what I would love to create.

A Dream Unfolds. A Goal is Already Thought Out.

The beauty of developing a dream is that it unfolds and because of this very process, a dream is incredibly creative. There are many steps to take to achieve a dream, but you can’t know each and every step because it’s only after you’ve taken one step, that the next step is revealed. When you engage in a process like this, one where your steps to your dream unfold, magical opportunities occur, many of which you would never have thought of or previously considered.

If you did this process with a goal, that goal would probably be broken down into manageable goals or steps which are typically developed immediately after establishing your major goal. This process leaves no room for possibility, potential nor expansion. You have to know how you’re going to get there in one foul swoop and have it all planned out. As well, you take your focus off the goal and focus on the steps to help get you there, so in many ways you start disengaging from your goal.

If you’re a woman with her own business, I encourage you to try this process to see if it works for you. Try it on the small things first and see how you get on. So get clear on a small dream you want to create in your business. Really spend time connecting to this dream so it becomes a part of you – that is, you believe you can have this dream. Your next step is to then ask yourself what is the most obvious step to take towards creating your dream. Once you have taken that step, then check in again and see who is the next most obvious step to take, and so forth. The beauty with creating a dream is that you step beyond what you know to be possible based on everything in your life right this moment. That’s how dreams are born.

Dreams aren’t pie in the sky aspirations nor are they reserved for the big things you want in life. Dreams come in all shapes and sizes from the grandeur to the small and they can always be used in your business, regardless of whether they sound business-like or not. Remember, dreams connect you to your heart and to possibility, and if more businesses were heartfelt places, I am sure there would be loads more happy customers, not to mention happy business owners.

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