Somewhere Over the Rainbow Dreams Really do Come True

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Dreams Really do Come True

Sometimes sticking your neck out to really go for your dream is scary business. Especially so when you stand in front of judges and a live audience who have the ability to dismiss your dream in but a heartbeat. But somewhere over the rainbow, dreams really do come true, as was the case for the beautiful Alice Fredenham.

This nervous woman approached the stage on Britain’s Got Talent, scared as hell, hands tightly wrung together, shoulders slumped, having told no one she was auditioning because if she wasn’t successful, she wouldn’t have to admit it to anyone. And then she sung …

Suddenly Alice was transformed into a smouldering, sensual, incredibly beautiful woman who sung every word of My Funny Valentine as though her life depended on it. And in some ways, it did. She put everything on the line in that moment, including her nerves, her fear and her vulnerability, to express what was deep within her. Gone was the scared, shy woman who dared a dream and in her place stood an incredibly feminine, sultry woman in all her divine glory – her beauty and authenticity utterly captivating. This was the real Alice. This was Alice in her true magnificence.

When Alice sung, something deep within her came alive. That part of her destined to sing suddenly had a voice and an audience. There is no doubt that she is an incredibly talented singer, yet Alice couldn’t see this talent because she didn’t believe in herself. That’s true for a lot of us with a raw talent – sometimes we fail to see what is right in front of us. Sure some of us aren’t as blessed with a natural talent like Alice, yet in your own way, you also possess a gift that needs to be shared. We’ve all come here to do something, to live and share our purpose – it’s just a matter of remembering what that purpose is.

It doesn’t matter if your talent or gift is big or small – what matters is that what you’re here to do is given light so that it can flower and bloom. When you share your gift, when you start fully expressing your creativity, when you do what you’re here to do, the world is a better place and you are a much happier person. But more than that, it’s like alchemy or a greater force takes over. Things are magically set up to support you. You will find a greater degree of synchronicity. You will be in the right place at the right time. Opportunities will land in your lap. Things unfold before your very eyes. Why? Because you are doing what you’re supposed to be doing. When you really connect with why you’re here and give that full expression, it sets up a flow and the flow keeps happening. You do not need to chase, or compete, or pursue. Everything will unfold, just as it should.

The same for Alice. She could have just sung for friends, or sung in the shower or even sung at her local pub. But something within her knew that her destiny was much greater than keeping her talent to herself or those closest to her. The hardest thing for Alice was simply showing up and singing before a live audience.

Lovely Alice never expected the result she received and it’s the same when you start expressing what you’re here to do. You never know where it might take you or what may come of it. Having a dream and expressing who you are can be risky, especially when you put yourself on the line, but what’s the worst that can happen?  Maybe that actually your dream just really does just come true.


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