Share Your New Year Dreams with Friends Who Support You

Share Your New Year Dreams with Friends Who Support You

As we now have fully entered into this New Year, a number of you have most likely made resolutions of what you want to do, achieve and change this year. I’m not one for making New Year resolutions, as they never seem to stick. Rather I love working on New Year Dreams, or a vision of what I want to create in the year – a vision that has real meaning, truth and integrity.

Quite often there is never just one vision (or dream if you prefer). You may have a dream around what you want to create in your business or working life. You may have a dream about something you want to do creatively. You may have a dream to travel to a certain place. You may have a dream of creating more time with your family. Some of these dreams may be big and some of them may be small. What’s important is that you start to dream. It’s the first step of creating. Neuroscience now proves that if you can’t imagine or visualise, you will never make something happen. So dreaming or visioning is the most vital step in the art of creative orientation.

I always say to my clients that an important process in developing a dream is to share it with those people in your life who support you. Dreams shouldn’t be kept quiet or kept within. All dreams, big and small, need to be shared. You might be surprised how when you share your dream(s) things start to happen. Opportunities arise. Contacts are shared. Or you may notice that your belief in your dream intensifies once you verbalise it.

Dreaming a dream puts you in a responsive, rather than reactive mode. You are designing your life, so the energy of having a dream is very positive, and uplifting, rather a bit like friendships. Think about the friendships you have in your life for a minute. I guarantee that those friendships, which uplift, encourage and inspire you, are far more pleasant and fulfilling then those relationships that sap your energy. I’m not saying it’s all about your friends making you always feel good as life isn’t about being ‘up’ all the time. Friendship is about give and take and there will be times when your friends need a shoulder to lean on. What I’m really highlighting here is about those friends who don’t make you feel great pretty much most of the time, not because of any one thing that is occurring in their life.

The wonderful gift of being human is that we all have choice.  We can choose to create dreams, we can choose to design a life we love, we can choose to be responsible for what’s in our life and we can choose to be positive. We can create our own reality through the power of positive thought, positive action and through love – love of ourselves, love for others and love for what we create in our life.

So as you begin this year, give some time to what you would love to create with your friendships. If you’re attracting relationships that continually pull you down and sap your energy, what’s your lesson? Maybe it’s time to let the relationship go or perhaps your friends are mirroring your own behaviour or your sense of worth.

We can all acknowledge that life is short, so it pays to make the most of it. And as we are creatures who crave human contact, it just makes sense to share our lives with those where the sum total is greater than the individual parts.


2 Comments to Share Your New Year Dreams with Friends Who Support You

  1. Thank you for this beautiful blog – having my ups-and-downs with my resolutions :-). Thanks for the permission to daydream :-). xx

    • admin

      Thanks for your feedback Annik. Everything starts with a dream. Anne xx

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