One of the most powerful questions you can ask yourself is – “What’s the life I would love?”

When you get really clear on what you want and you start orientating your life around what feels true to you, a very powerful transformation takes place in all areas of your life. And this goes if you come to coaching for business purposes too – as coaching helps you realise your professional potential. Given you spend most of your day at work, it just makes sense that work should be enjoyable and that you are optimally effective.

My clients often tell me that they feel more self assured, resilient, focused, motivated, confident, relaxed and happy because they know what’s right for them and they’re creating it. They move beyond what is possible based on their current or previous circumstances and belief systems and re-orientate their thinking to explore possibilities, consciously creating what they want in an almost effortless manner.

Coaching isn’t about fixing you as I don’t believe you need to be fixed. I believe that you are already whole and complete and that you possess the experience, the wisdom, and the knowledge within. My job is just to help draw this knowledge out and bring light to your true potential.

Some of the Reasons You May Want Coaching Include:

  • You see an opportunity in your current role and you’re unsure about how to execute it
  • You’re in a new business and need support or someone to bounce ideas off
  • You want to be promoted in your current job and want help to get there
  • You’re unsatisfied in your current job or thinking about changing careers, but you’re not sure what you want
  • You are re-entering the workforce and feel unconfident or unsure if this is the job for you
  • You’ve had a dream you’ve always wanted to achieve, but you’ve never dared to turn it into a reality
  • You need direction in your life and you’re not sure what path to take
  • You want to become more self-confident
  • You have relationship difficulties with your work colleagues or managers and want to find a better way to communicate
  • You know you want something and you’re really clear what you don’t want, but you’re not clear on what you do want.

Working with someone on an individual basis is a very powerful way in which to build momentum in your life. In fact, it’s not uncommon for many changes to occur in just one session.

What’s Unique About What I do?

I have a knack for getting to the essence of an opportunity or challenge very quickly which can save my clients years of angst.  I also weave in many mindfulness resources and practices which leads to very enriching and powerful coaching sessions. Mindfulness leads to greater clarity, better decision making, improved relationships, greater productivity, and increased levels of focus and concentration – and there’s now a huge body of scientific evidence that supports these claims.

I often tell it how it is, so there’s no hiding from me (maybe this is an Antipodean thing…) While my coaching sessions can be challenging, they are also illuminating, purposeful and always life changing.


As an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and as a member of the International Coaching Federation, I work under the ICF’s ethics and standards. All clients can be assured of total confidentiality.

Call Me Now:

If you have the courage to make a change to your life, if you want to ‘be’ the difference in your life, contact me so we can have a chat about your particular needs.


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