Mindfulness Meditation Circle

Tuesday 13th February 2018


Tuesday 27th February 2018

The Mindfulness Meditation Circle is a safe space with like minded people where you have the opportunity to take time out to simply breathe, connect to your heart and listen to your inherent wisdom. It’s a practice where you begin to ‘pay attention’, where you cease to ‘do’, and begin to ‘be’.

When people come together in a group, something very powerful happens. It’s not surprising actually as we have been doing this for thousands of years through the art of ritual and community, but we’ve forgotten about it. I witness this very magic when people come together to dance, when they share their insight and wisdom and when they open themselves up to their pure creative energy. Deep inside every one of us there is a yearning to come together once more, to a place, a sacred place where we can support, nurture and express fully without judgement.

Circles have been used in ancient times for worship, growth, rituals, community connection and more and they are a powerful reminder of creation. Just take a look at the sky above you and you will see the creation of the sun, the moon, the stars and planets. Circles represent unity, infinity, wholeness and inclusion and have been symbolised in religions, ceremonies and ancient practices.

The mindfulness circle has been created with the intention to create a space where we become fully aware and fully present to what is. I use Mindfulness based practices which are now scientifically proven to increase resilience to stress, increase density of the grey matter, increase clarity and decision making and increase emotional regulation.

Nights are by invitation only. If you would like to know more about the evenings please contact me on my email or mobile.


Tuesday 13th February and Tuesday 27th February at 7.30pm




Putney, London. The full address will be given on booking. There is plenty of off-street parking if you are driving. If you are taking the tube, the nearest tube stations, East Putney and Putney Bridge, are a max 15 minute walk.


It’s important that if possible, you have something light to eat before the evening so that you can be fully present during the practice.


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