Coaching Programmes

Coaching is probably one of the biggest investments you will ever make in your life. You may well ask why you should invest financially in yourself. And it’s a good question.

Sure you can read books, talk to friends, take workshops and download information from various websites. This all helps.

But if you really want to take giant leaps in your life, if you really want to build momentum quickly, and if you really want to make huge life changes, I can guarantee that if you are committed and have the courage, coaching will be the best investment you will ever make.

I speak from personal experience where I have invested in myself spiritually, emotionally and intellectually over the last 24 years. Working one-on-one with a specific coach or teacher has propelled me forwards in ways I never dreamed possible.

Working with a partner does that because they have your best interests at heart and you receive the individual guidance you need that’s right for you, and you only.

Working with a coach is powerful. It changes your life, and I mean that sincerely. If you choose me as your coach, I guarantee you will receive:

  • Total confidentiality (I operate under the ICF’s codes and ethics)
  • Total commitment, support and encouragement to be who you truly are and to create your deepest desires
  • An intuitive, compassionate and listening ear
  • Fun and engaging sessions
  • Practical assignments and tools to work on between sessions
  • More energy, enthusiasm and inspiration after just one after session
  • The freedom to speak freely and frankly without being judged

There are three coaching programmes to choose from:

  1. 90 Day Get Started Programme
  2. 180 Day Development Programme
  3. Transformation Programme



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