Jennifer – Psychology Masters Student

Jen came to see me as she was very undecided about a very big choice she needed to make. Essentially she needed to know whether she was going to stay in the country and study, or leave for another country to a life unknown. We worked in great detail on what her vision for her life entailed, and it is from that vision that her true path emerged. I am so happy to see Jen living out her vision today in an environment she truly loves.

“A couple years ago, I found myself at a fork in the road faced with some big life decisions to make.  To stay or to go?  To remain with the comfort and contentment of a known life or to reach out and embrace remote possibilities of another one?  I was stuck.  When I looked forward I felt overwhelmed and frightened by what lay ahead.  When I looked back I was afraid to let go of what I knew and take the leap into the unknown.  The three or four coaching sessions with Annie essentially provided me with the necessary tools to make those difficult decisions and carry them out with grace and dignity.  She helped me to identify what I truly wanted and what really mattered to me.  Her sensitive questioning and gentle insights allowed me to make sense of the many forces that were pulling me in different directions.  The visualisation techniques were the best part though.  This was a really powerful way to start creating what I wanted my life to look like in three dimensions, with colour and sound!  Not only did this technique clarify what I wanted, it also made it seem easier to obtain and made the process a lot less threatening.  By breaking down some of those fear barriers I was able to move forward in a position of strength with a much clearer headspace.  In the end (as you have probably guessed!) I did take the road less travelled.  I emigrated and I can honestly say that I am currently pursuing my dreams, both career dreams and also the dream of the kind of lifestyle I wished for close to nature with kind and loving friends.  I still refer back to the original vision I conjured up with Annie’s help and I use it as a reference point for gauging how ‘on track’ I am in my life.   Most of the pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place over the last year but I’m still working on the finer details….it’s a work in progress and I am enjoying the journey…..”

Chrissie – Interior Decorator

When Chrissie came to work with me, she was at a point in her life where most of us would give up. She had lost everything – and I mean everything. This woman has oodles of courage and she picked herself up and re-focused on who she really was and what she really loved and stood for. The changes Chrissie has made within 9 months have been nothing short of miraculous!

“When I first met Annie, I was at the lowest point I had ever reached in my life.  The whole fabric of my life had unravelled.  Marriage – gone… Business and livelihood – gone… Home… all the things that had given me some sense of orientation – gone.  My life had become the stuff that nightmares were made of.

Ground zero is a scary place to start, but from an alternative perspective, losing everything gave me the chance to really start anew and go for it.  With Annie’s guidance, I started defining what was most important in my life – my long abandoned dreams, my goals the things I really loved.   My primary goal had been a constant for as long as I could remember – ‘To love and be loved’.   As our coaching sessions progressed, I discovered some well entrenched beliefs and blockages which fundamentally needed turning on their head.   I realise that the old way of looking at things can really get in the way of me being connected to life and love.

My most profound personal insights can be broken down into the following categories:-

Boundaries – the word had previously held only negative connotations for me.  A boundary signified separation, a brick wall, a lonely distant place of solitary confinement and non-communication with others.  I now look at boundaries as a fundamental component in defining and communicating a sense of myself in relationship to others in a loving way… I now look at a boundary as beautiful fluid line, there in place to delineate that which is me from that which is you…

Learning to love and accept myself (warts in all!) – one of my deepest insights on my coaching journey.  I discovered that loving myself was not the same as being selfish – somehow I had got the two things inextricably tied up.  Annie helped me to unravel them.   I had absolutely no idea what loving myself was – it seemed self-indulgent, uncaring and too Californian!  The thought of making myself a priority in my life was a totally alien concept to me… others were far more deserving and in need of attention.  I had become a classic martyr/rescuer and I couldn’t understand how the more I seemed to give, the less I got back.    I was acting in what I believed was a loving way, but my intentions were to give in order to get, rather than to give without expectation.

Choices – I discovered that they actually do exist in life – choices are conscious creations or intentions.   I do not have to accept everything as a ‘given’ – sometimes it is a question of trying something new and seeing what happens… sometimes it is a matter of looking at  previously entrenched beliefs, or relationships  with fresh eyes and compassion…sometimes it is a question of not reacting, doing nothing, all these are choices.  And every day of my life is another opportunity to love…to choose to love each action, each interaction.  Every time I make a choice, no matter how small or how big, I am exercising my power of discernment…rather than following like a sheep, I am creating and carving out my own path.

Trust – The more I practise the art of creating fluid, boundaries, the more deeply I learn to love, accept myself, the more consciously I make choices and set intentions, the more I trust – I trust myself to make the right decisions to the best of my ability and I trust that I am exactly in the right place, at the right time.  I don’t look to others to make decisions for me – I am able to listen to advice, take on board what I intuitively and strongly feel is right for me at that moment in time and act on that information.

Relationships – I find that rather than seeking out people and being terrified of being on my own and lonely, I am attracting more people naturally into my life in a loving and completely different way to anything I have previously experienced.  The conversations I have, sometimes with complete strangers, are memorable and at a deeper level of communication.  Our communication is in itself an act of giving and receiving…

I feel genuinely blessed and grateful when I look back over the past year and see how far I have come.  I am so lucky to have met and worked with Annie, who never ceased to be a source of invaluable wisdom and loving support.   Life can take us by surprise and seem like a very solitary and painful journey sometimes.  More than ever, I have learnt that at these times, diving in deep is the only way to go. Clinging on to the past, to people and beliefs that no longer serve me are not a fruitful option.   I have discovered that by having the courage to take small steps and keep going, keep trusting and believing in myself, there really is no separation from my goal of loving and being loved”.


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