Anne MAW2I’m passionate about helping ordinary women, women just like you and I, achieve extraordinary things.

So what do I mean by extraordinary?

Extraordinary to me is when you are true to who you are and are following your own path. It’s when you live your true potential and achieve your own version of success. It’s when you come off “doing” all day, and start to “be”. It’s when you do what comes naturally to you. It’s when you trust and follow your own guidance, rather than developing paralysis by analysis. It’s when you’re making a difference. It’s when you are fulfilled, vital and ‘alive’, living life as you mean to live it.

I believe in the impossible becoming possible. I believe in dreams. And I believe in moving beyond the confines of your past history.

My life has been transformed in ways I never thought possible and I believe it’s through the commitment I’ve had to my vision of a career and a personal life. Dreams DO happen. I was also personally coached 14 years ago and I have a 22 year grounding in mindfulness meditation which has also supported me throughout the years. Those that know me well say I have a lion’s courage because of the huge changes I’ve made in my life which have included leaving a well paid corporate job to set up my own business, and moving countries to follow my heart. Whilst it’s great to have insight, you have to do something with that insight, otherwise nothing changes.

I firmly believe a masterful Coach is of real service to a client when they have personally delved deeply within and I continue to work with coaching and mindfulness trainers and teachers and undertake professional development. I believe this is what stands my coaching apart from others, as many clients speak of my wisdom and inspiration.

Prior to coaching I worked for a number of years as a Marketing Manager in both the private and public sectors in New Zealand and Australia. During this time I helped established marketing divisions and customer loyalty programmes. This background in business has enabled me now as a Coach to understand the many nuances and pressures facing businesses.

I hold a Bachelor of Business Degree, I am an Accredited Coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation, I am a lead Mindfulness Trainer and Coach with Mindfulness at Work, I have studied with the London School of Philosophy, I meditate daily, and I continue my studies as a coach and as a mindfulness trainer. I love many things and have a special love of the sea, the outdoors, yoga, dance, health and nutrition, exercise and human consciousness.

As a New Zealander living in the UK, my husband and I typically spend the weekdays in London and the weekends in the countryside.

I’d love to hear from you if you are thinking about hiring me as your coach or your mindfulness trainer. Please go to my Contact Me page to get in touch.


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