I am a London based Executive Coach.

I measure my success by the many women whose careers, companies and lives I have helped transform.

I don’t teach, mentor or consult. I work with something much more powerful – your own existing expertise and capacity. I will show you how to draw on your own strengths and skills to achieve extraordinary things.

I work exclusively with women executives and business owners who want to make the most of the opportunities and challenges that arise in their work and/or personal lives.

Using proven coaching techniques I help my clients create their own success, take control of their lives and turn their vision into reality.

“Anne has opened my eyes to what I can achieve and has given me greater confidence, passion and a vision to succeed.”

“Learning to explore and confront your own preconceptions doesn’t always come naturally to people. Being able to do this in an environment of trust, support and caring guidance is what makes Anne so special.”

Working together we will find you a new energy and create a clear focus on what you would really like to achieve. I will then help you build a road map to get the results you want.

If you would like to know more about what I do and who I am, please take a look around my website and then contact me for a no commitment initial discussion.


“Creating the life you love”

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The most powerful question to ask yourself is “What would I love?” “What’s the life I would love?” When you get really clear on what you want and you start orientating your life....

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"Enriching Lives"

Mindfulness is a resource that we all have within - a resource that leads to greater stillness of the mind, improved emotional resilience, enhanced focus and concentration and better decision making ...

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Mindfulness Circle

"Becoming Mindful"

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The Mindfulness Meditation Circle is a safe space with like-minded people where you have the opportunity to take time out to still your mind, connect to your heart and listen to your inherent wisdom ...

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